Motor Coach Rental in Rancho Cucamonga

Since we opened our business in 2007, Carreras Tours has been a proud part of the Rancho Cucamonga community. While providing you with a five-star experience is always the goal, we prioritize safety above all. We also focus on value, service, quality, and experience. Because our fleet of charter buses can accommodate 49 or 57 travelers, we can give your large group a pleasant and elegant journey to any location. It’s a joy to exceed your expectations with our incomparable charter bus rentals.

We aren’t just a locally-operated and locally-owned company, but we are also licensed, bonded, and insured. Our remarkable reputation is the driving force behind our development and success in the local community, and we invest a significant amount of time and attention into providing an amazing and unforgettable experience for every passenger that comes onboard one of our motor coaches. Every single charter bus in the fleet is outfitted with a CD and DVD player, overhead reading lamps, a restroom, roomy overhead bins, a PA system, reclining seats with armrests, and a stereo system. Our trustworthy, reliable team is made up of the finest individuals we know, so you can rest assured that you’ll get where you want to go safely, comfortably, and on time. Allow your professional, friendly driver to concentrate on the road while you leave your worries behind, rest, and enjoy the journey. Reach out to Carreras Tours now so our Rancho Cucamonga motor coach rental business can prove just how fun and memorable road travel can truly be.


Sports Teams and Athletic Groups

Carreras Tours is always happy to transport coaches, administrators, teams, and athletic directors to tournaments, events, and games safely and on time. Whether you need a motor coach for a professional team or a student athlete group, our charter bus company in Rancho Cucamonga takes pride in bringing everyone to their location on time, pleasantly, and securely while the players sit back, rest, and relax.

Church and School Groups

When children are being transported, we can all agree that safety comes first. Your group will be treated with utmost care, and the trip will be fun for everyone involved. You become a member of the Carreras Tours family when you travel with us. We’ll bring the group to their destination safe and sound, whether they’re headed to a conference, a field trip, or camp.

Group Charters

Traveling with a large party may be less difficult than you envisioned. Maybe you’re looking forward to a fun event, a family reunion, or a relaxing vacation. Our Rancho Cucamonga charter bus company will ensure that you arrive in style, whatever your destination.

Corporate Events

When it comes to getting a large group of coworkers, colleagues, or employees to a retreat, meeting, team-building activity, conference, or other off-site corporate event, the logistics can quickly overwhelm you. When you call Carreras Tours for charter bus rental, you can keep your group focused, synced, and productive. We’ll help you put together a comprehensive itinerary, allowing you to enjoy your ride on a comfortable motor coach and say goodbye to the stress of coordinating group travel.

Cross-Country Travel

When planning a long-distance trip, it can be difficult to coordinate plans and create an itinerary that works for everyone in your group. Your motor coach rental experience will be surprisingly easy, and your journey will be stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable. You’ll travel in luxury and style when you rent a charter bus from Carreras Tours.

Airport Transfers

Few things are more upsetting in life than grueling, stressful days of travel that result in even more uncertainty and anxiety when you finally reach your destination. When you entrust us with your transportation via a Rancho Cucamonga charter bus rental, you will skip any transit hassles, parking costs, and other undue difficulties.

Government and Military Groups

When you work with Carreras Tours for motor coach rental in Rancho Cucamonga, you’ll get a charter bus company that has a great deal of experience handling Department of Defense contracts. We also love aiding politicians, troops, and other organizations with safe travel. Unlike some charter bus companies, we understand the need for discretion, respect, and vigilance for clients who demand anonymity from their charter bus rental service.

Call Carreras Tours today at 1-800-287-6502 for the best charter bus rental in Rancho Cucamonga!