From Military Transport to Campaign Travel

Is it time to hit the campaign trail? If you are a politician and you need to organize your campaign, transportation is key. Getting from point A to point B quickly is important, as you have a lot of work to do.

If you are attending meetings, speaking at fundraising dinners, getting the voters enthused at rallies, and if you are incumbent, getting back to home base in time to do your work all requires transportation that only a charter bus can provide for you and your staff.

If you are a government employee, and you need everyone to attend a large meeting, making everyone drive there could cause issues if it is far. It would be far more convenient to send your department on a charter bus.

Do you need to reward some bright students? If you need to get students to science fairs, field trips, or out of state competitions, a charter bus provides all that you need. No matter what part of the government you work for, we can provide your busing needs, at a cost that taxpayers won’t mind.

We are a DoD certified transportation provider.

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Charter a Carreras Bus for Safety and Comfort

Need to transport some troops, a military sports team, marching band, or civilian contractors? We will patriotically transport our men and women in uniform with honor, dignity, and respect. There are many advantages to buses over other means of travel. If a town has no railroad station, we can still get you there.

Another fantastic advantage is that you do not need an expensive first-class ticket to be comfortable. All our seats are comfortable and perfect for sleep on your long journey. If there is no airport nearby, that is no issue. Airfare is very expensive as well, and bus transport will save you a lot of money. Buses also have a smooth ride, as opposed to sore ears in an airplane, and can be dispatched in fleets if necessary. Expect the best out of our skilled drivers, and fine buses to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of airfare.