Sports & Athletic Team Charter Bus Travel

We at Carreras Tours can help your sports team ride all the way to victory, with one of our state of the art charter buses. Our buses are comfortable and ready to get your team to its destination. We offer rides around the entire country, so it doesn’t matter if your team is barnstorming in the country, or ready for a showdown in the Big Apple.

We have you covered, whether your baseball team is Little League, Minors, or MLB. We can help football teams whether they are Pop Warner, High School, College, or NFL. Your team can get pumped up on the way there, and celebrate your win on the way back!

We can handle any sports team, of any variety, including youth, middle school, high school, college, and the pros. We also service events, such as sports parades, the Special Olympics, and training camps.

We are SPAB certified for California schools

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Ride Safely and Luxuriously in a Carreras Tours Bus

We have a large fleet of buses and can take any size team wherever it needs to go. There are many advantages to buses over other means of travel. If a town has no railroad station, we can still get them there. If there is no airport nearby, that is no issue. Airfare is very expensive as well, and bus transport will save you a lot of money. Other advantages to buses are that you get the whole bus for your team, as opposed to having to sit with strangers on an airplane or train

Other wonderful reasons are that buses have a smooth ride, as opposed to sore ears in an airplane, and can be dispatched in fleets if necessary. We have adequate space for plenty of gear, and a professional staff of drivers to get you there safely. When you choose Carreras Tours, your time away from home will be like sliding into home!